Oświetlenie przemysłowe

One of our main goals is to constantly develop and improve our offer in order to be able to meet expectations of those customers, who look for the most optimal store and warehouse lighting solutions. Messa Light provides you with professional LED lamps, manufactured on the basis of latest technological achievements in this field.

High energy efficiency and prolonged lifespan are not the only advantages of our LED lights for shops. We also made sure, that their stylish design perfectly supplements interiors of a wide range of commercial facilities. You can choose from still highly popular downlights, practical hanging  luminaires and a number of other versions. They are frequently used by, e.g.:

  • - butcher shops,
  • - grocery stores,
  • - bakeries,
  • - offices,
  • - restaurants.

Second major area of our interest includes industrial LED lamps, used frequently as:

  • - warehouse lighting,
  • - lamps for production halls,
  • - luminaires for sports facilities,
  • - church illumination.

We offer warehouse and store lighting and a number of other solutions, all perfectly adjusted to the size of the building/hall as well as its requirements and function the object serves. Our rich experience includes completing projects for the most demanding customers, with diverse needs in terms of illumination of their space, both from functional and aesthetic perspectives. Which is why we are sure, that our modern lights for shops and warehouses will be able to meet your unique requirements.

Our team is at your disposal with professional advice, so do not hesitate to contact us with any questions concerning our offer.