How to beautifully and effectively illuminate the shop window?

What is eye-catching for us when we walk in the shopping centre or down the pedestrian street and see boutiques everywhere? What determines our opinion about a particular shop even before we enter it? Perhaps we do not pay too much attention to this but the way retail buildings look like often affects our purchasing decisions - or at least encourages customers (or just the opposite) to come inside. However, if a shop window has to perform its function, the display it presents must be properly highlighted. A well-lighted shop window presents products in an attractive way and its well-thought-out arrangement influences the image of the store. 

Proper color temperature 

Professionally selected shop lighting should be eye-catching for passers-by and at the same time comfortable for them to watch. The basic determinant - as in the case of lighting chosen for the interior of a retail building - is the type of products being sold. So the choice of the color of the light should be dependent on what kind of product we want to present - food, clothing, cosmetics or perhaps interior accessories. Cool colors are associated with freshness, the color temperature of about 2700 K (called warm white) is relaxing and creates a cozy atmosphere. Warm light can highlight the vibrant colors of the goods which are sold. 

Shop window - ideal lighting features 

When planning the way a shop window that distinguishes the retail building should look like, you have to consider the following: the color of the light, as well as its adjusting to the surroundings, the division into foreground and background. 

An effective shop window lighting should: 

  • have subtle and effectve eye-catching accents for passers-by, 
  • take into account the brightness of the surrounding area (other shop windows, buildings and architectural elements),
  • provide the right atmosphere (emphasize contrasts and specific elements of the display, apply different levels of intensity or decorative light bulbs). 

Treat the shop window as a stage 

The displays show new products, the most interesting sales proposals or currently available promotions. Using the proper type of lighting during designing the display allows you to ‘control’ the attention of passers-by and helps to create the atmosphere that a brand desires to achieve. So it is worth treating the shop window as a stage because the way it looks like determines our marketing success.