LED Technology

Energy saving, high efficiency and marginal heat emissions – these are some of many properties of LED lighting technology which currently is applied in many different fields – from industry, through commerce, to advertising.

Aesthetics and innovation

One of the solutions offered by the Messa Light company based on this technology is decorative LED store lighting used in various types of boutiques and service points. The availability of many luminaires with a varied look and functionality allows our Customers greater freedom of choice in terms of solutions which are most suited to the given space. In our offer you will find downlight type luminaires, LED systems, suspended luminaires and other types of solutions which provide many possibilities of controlling store lighting.

Thanks to a small number of LED light sources and their proper placement, we are able to create a unique atmosphere and highlight the character of a given location. Lamps based on traditional bulbs are not capable of providing proper saturation of colors, available in a large number of shades. However, a composition of warm and cold tones possible to achieve in the case of luminaires based on LED technology has a significant influence on a Customer visiting the store and their perception of the surrounding space. Proper illumination of store windows, displays or the entire commercial area draws the Customers’ attention, makes navigating the premises easier, as well as highlights the qualities of offered goods.

Functionality and savings

Undoubtedly, LED technology has recently become popular due to the low costs of its utility associated with low power consumption, as well as significantly higher life cycles compared to traditional solutions. Additionally, the lack of mercury and other dangerous substances contributes to protecting the natural environment, which has a positive effect on the perception of using such types of lighting.

In the commercial sector lighting generates a significant amount of costs associated with energy consumption. For that reason, in the case of stores and service premises it is important to utilize modern solutions which provide significant savings and, as a result, a quick return on investment in LED lighting.