Why is store lighting so important?

There are many ways to draw the Customers’ attention and get them interested in your offer. One of the key aspects is undoubtedly selecting the appropriate lighting. And it is not simply about ensuring a right level of brightness in the interior to facilitate navigating the store, but most of all about intelligently illuminating specific areas (such as windows, shelves or display racks), with the intention of supporting sales.

What to pay attention to?

We often do not pay attention to it, but it is the store lighting, which to a large extent influences our purchasing decisions – especially when it comes to groceries. A well thought out selection of light sources and their proper placement will make the sold good more noticeable and their exposition more attractive. This involves not just the lighting itself, but also its natural color, light distribution angle and type of luminaires used. Equally important are the light intensity and balanced placement of light sources, as well as their quality. Taking all those factors into consideration will make the color of displayed goods represented more faithfully and as naturally as possible, thus more believably and attractively for the Customers.

Strategic locations

When developing a project which incorporates store lighting it is important to adapt it to the type of goods sold, as not every type of light will be suitable for all products. Additionally, ensuring the appropriate atmosphere in the store’s interior is dependent not only on the primary light, but also spot lighting (accentuating). The latter allows to distinguish a specific exposition, draw attention to a store window, as well as highlight the specific nature of a given stand.

Financial issue

A thought out choice of light sources not only increases the attractiveness of store shelves, but is also an investment in modern technologies. LED store lighting, thanks to its high quality, translates to significantly lowered energy consumption, which means lower electricity charges. An additional advantage of LED luminaires is their durability and measurable efficiency. It is therefore important to invest in modern luminaires based on LED technology, as well as thoroughly consider their placement within a commercial space.