LED luminaires for the food trade

In the case of the food trade a factor even more important than financial issues is the maintenance of safety standards – especially in terms of facilities in which we are dealing with food production or meat processing. Lighting for a store which offers groceries should be characterized by increased resistance to mechanical damage, as well as a lack of hazardous elements, such as mercury. Another advantage is also a minimal emission of heat which can have a negative effect on food. Modern LED luminaires are a solution which perfectly fulfills the restrictive norms associated with manufacturing and selling of food products.

When it comes to the visual aspect, it is important for the chosen LED lighting in the store to most faithfully show the actual colors of sold products. The use of lighting with an increased color rendition ratio makes groceries look more natural, thus also fresh and appetizing.

Lamps in the clothing store

A display is intended to draw the Customers’ attention and attract their favorable looks which translate to purchasing decisions. Most of us buy with our sight, which is why clothing store lighting is an issue which is worth thoroughly thinking through and planning. In the case of lamps intended to fulfill the function of a primary light source for the entire store, it is important for the utilized luminaires to have a uniform color temperature which will make the space seem larger and more open. When it comes to auxiliary lamps, their purpose is to showcase a specific product by emphasizing its qualities and small details.

Additionally, clothing store lighting should also serve as decoration which affects the mood of the given location. It is therefore worthwhile to invest in LED luminaires which correspond with the character of the brand, the interior’s prevalent color palette or types of clothes on offer.