Food products constitute a specific group of sold goods, as in their case Customers pay a lot of attention to appearance, which confirms the rule, that well displayed goods simply sell better. Highlighting the freshness of sold goods, such as meat products, or underlining their appetizing appearance may affect the Customers’ purchasing decisions. It is important to remember however, that individual food products require the use of a different kind of lighting – in terms of intensity, as well as color.

Lighting color selection

Grocery store lighting should be adapted to the type of goods sold, as not every color has a beneficial effect on the appearance of specific food products. In the case of dairy products it is recommended to use white, for seafood and fish – blue, while for meat and cold cuts, it is considered most beneficial to use light with a shade of pink. It gives beef, poultry, mutton and pork a reddish color, which showcases the freshness of products behind the refrigerated counter.

Professional butcher store lighting should accentuate the qualities of those types of products, which is why it is common to use luminaires with filters, which are intended to emphasize the red shade. Another ideal solution can be found in modern LED luminaires, which make it possible to achieve the proper light intensity and quality, in addition to being energy-efficient.

Professionalism and energy savings

We offer our Customers luminaires characterized by not only a modern design and ensuring the proper light color and energy-efficiency. In our product range you will also find store lighting which will appropriately highlight the qualities of food products such as meat, cold cuts, fish, ready-to-serve products, as well as cheeses. The Messa Light company provides its Customers with professional consulting in the area of selecting proper luminaires, as well as their most optimal placement in the store.

Sample projects

  • Sometimes only three luminaires are required to achieve professional lighting!
  • Colors adapted to individual applications ensure attractive product presentation
  • High color uniformity
  • 5 year guarantee