The incorporation of modern LED technology in the retail trade sector make products featured inside the commercial premises saturated with the proper colors, which affect the Customer’s perception, which in effect determines the purchasing decision. The use of cold colors will help calm the Customer and encourage to remain at the store, while warm colors create a unique atmosphere – the choice of a specific solution depends on what effect we wish to achieve.

Creating a good atmosphere

Professional clothing store lighting should give it an individual character and evoke the Customer’s positive feelings, so that they want to return. During the design process it is necessary to consider distinguishing specific areas, such as the store indow, entrance, hangers and display racks, as well as remember to maintain the consistency of the entire commercial space. Therefore, in the case of store windows it is recommended to use spot lighting, for displays - different shades of white, adapted to the clothing colors, while the type of luminaires utilized in the entirety of the clothing store depends on whether we wish to achieve an effect of spaciousness, or the complete opposite – an intimate interior.

Modern solutions

Clothing store lighting based on LED technology allows to attractively present the available goods, showcase their details, as well as authentically represent the colors. What is also important, LED luminaires are practically free of UV radiation, thanks to which they significantly reduce the risk of clothes color fading, as well as damaging of materials due to excessively intense lighting. Additionally, LED store lighting is much more effective than traditional luminaires, as it does not require the use of additional filters responsible for color saturation. A lack of UV light and high CRI of >95 emphasizes the lively and highly saturated colors of illuminated items.

Sample projects

  • High module efficiency up to 180 lm/W in a tp. temp. = 25 °C
  • High module efficiency up to 154 lm/W a tp. temp.= 65 °C
  • High color uniformity
  • The most balanced Fashion lighting for all colors
  • Warm and exciting colors with a high saturation, combined with clean and shiny whiteness
  • 5 year guarantee