The wide application range of our products makes us able to design industrial LED lighting for our Customers which is ideally adapted to their individual needs. In order for the selected solution to be as optimal as possible, it is necessary to consider the nature of the facility in which the lighting is to be used, as well as the size and purpose of the specific area.

Industrial lighting based on LED technology incorporates state-of-the-art lamps and luminaires made from durable materials resistant to intense exploitation. Additionally, certain models are also characterized by increased tightness, which makes them an ideal solution for locations exposed to adverse weather conditions. The most coveted quality of industrial lighting is low energy consumption, which translates to reduced electricity costs. Additionally, LED lighting made with industrial facilities in mind is characterized by a significantly longer life cycle compared to traditional lighting tubes. For that reason it is recommended as a furnishing element of large interior areas, such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, factories and sports halls.

Entrepreneurs also value the fact that in the case of LED lamps, the diodes are lit almost instantaneously and are characterized by the same output throughout their entire utility period. If you wish to invest in lamps which will guarantee a quick return of the purchase and installation costs, the offers we have prepared for you will surely be an economically viable solution.

Sample projects

  • High module efficiency up to 180 lm/W in a tp. temp. = 25 °C
  • High module efficiency up to 154 lm/W a tp. temp.= 65 °C
  • High color uniformity
  • The most balanced Fashion lighting for all colors
  • Warm and exciting colors with a high saturation, combined with clean and shiny whiteness
  • 5 year guarantee