In the case of commercial buildings, the role of lighting involves not only ensuring the proper visibility, but also highlighting the attractiveness of sold products. Lighting for bakeries or confectionery shops may be selected in such a way, so as to highlight the qualities of food products on offer and encourage Customers to make purchases.

What to pay attention to?

Appropriate placement of lamps in points of sale has a significant influence not only on the Customers’ behavior, but also the atmosphere of a given location. In the case of bakeries there are several strategic points which should be taken into particular consideration when designing the lighting.

First of all, it is necessary to focus on selecting the most optimal light intensity – in terms of the whole interior, as well accentuating luminaires. A bakery interior which is too dark or insufficient illumination of a baked goods display may result in the Customers feeling uncomfortable and sold goods not being properly showcased.

Another very important factor is achieving the proper illumination color – among other things, because it affects our mood and the attractiveness of products on display. In the case of groceries such as baked goods, it is best to use lighting with a warm, yellow color, which will properly present the products sold and underline their appetizing appearance and freshness.

When selecting lighting for a bakery it is worthwhile to rely on luminaire which are simple and minimal in form, thus the Customers’ attention will be focused only on the sold goods. Additionally, installation of luminaires is not without meaning – it is important to make sure, that they are installed in a way which does not interfere with the prepared siaplay, but rather complements it in a discreet and balanced way.

In the Messa Light company’s offer you will find LED luminaires characterized by uniformity of color, which will allow you to present baked goods in the most beneficial and professional way from a sales perspective.

Sample projects

  • High module efficiency up to 180 lm/W in a tp. temp. = 25 °C
  • High module efficiency up to 154 lm/W a tp. temp.= 65 °C
  • High color uniformity
  • The most balanced Fashion lighting for all colors
  • Warm and exciting colors with a high saturation, combined with clean and shiny whiteness
  • 5 year guarantee